Founder, Meredith Speier, has built a career around a passionate pursuit of bringing customers to the forefront. Invigorated by solving consumer problems and seeing opportunities where others see headaches, Meredith has honed the art of “hearing” between the lines. InSpeier's unique approach to foundational research lays the groundwork for successful and inspiring strategies by allowing the customer experience to guide the process.

Meredith began her career as a media planner in New York City. She learned from some of the best in the business about what makes customers tick and how to capitalize on that. She took that knowledge and hopped coasts, where she spent several years at Wieden + Kennedy and the talented creative crew in Portland. Feeling the pull of her Midwestern roots, Meredith returned to Minnesota and hasn’t strayed since. Over the years, she has built upon her early skills and added an MBA and several awards and certifications to her resume.

From research to strategy, Meredith has done it all. Described by one client as a “Swiss Army Knife” of Marketing, she has deep expertise in traditional and digital channels across the entire customer journey and in multiple industries. In the last two decades Meredith has created and implemented profitable strategies with iconic brands including 3M, Best Buy, Nike, Microsoft, UnitedHealthcare, Ford Motors, Kraft Foods, Malt-O-Meal, Graco and Warner-Lambert.

InSpeier contracts with some of the best talent around to support project needs, including designers, researchers, strategists, producers, point of purchase (POP) specialists and web developers. If your business needs it, we can help source it.

A tinkerer at heart, Meredith spends her free time working on new inventions and creating Frankenstein models of some of the better ones. It’s a good conversation starter if nothing else; ask her about it next time you see her.


InSpeier is honored to have worked with a variety of great clients, including B2B and B2C customers, from non-profits to Fortune 500 enterprises. We believe that together, we have greatly improved the customer experience in multiple industries across the globe. Here's a sampling of recent InSpeier clients. We hope you'll join us!