What We Do

InSpeier was founded on the unwavering belief that the key to business success lies with satisfied customers. In today's ever-changing marketplace, customers are barraged with more choice than ever before. Being a big brand isn't what it used to be, and it isn't enough anymore.

Knowing your customers is a big job. Many companies struggle to find the time and resources to fully understand their customer’s needs, lifestyle preferences, attitudes, behaviors and multi-channel interactions…and that’s before you even think about things like journey maps. That's where InSpeier comes in. Understanding your customers is the core of our business.

InSpeier helps start-ups, Fortune 500s, ad agencies, brand agencies and everything in between, build loyal customers by identifying opportunities and developing marketing strategies that enhance customer experience, leapfrog the competition and improve ROI.

Customer research
Focus groups & In-depth Interviews
Survey development & analysis
Usability testing
Competitive analysis

Journey Map

Journey mapping
Empathy mapping
Touch point mapping
Brand development
New product development

Digital/mobile strategy
User Experience (UX) strategy
Retail/In-store strategy
Media strategy
Marketing strategy

How We Do It

InSpeier uses a 4-step process, honed over years of work with dozens of clients. We typically sign on to do all of the parts and pieces, but because we're a small business, we can be nimble to fit your needs. 

We'll even share our secret sauce and give you the four steps in our process, because we know that no one does it better than us!

  1. Internal Insights - digging deep into what's going on inside the organization

  2. External Insights - going out and talking directly with your customers and sussing out the competition through hand’s on research

  3. Inspiration - creating visual inspiration, like journey maps & personas

  4. Action - bringing the team together to develop actionable strategies for success

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